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Lindsey and Beto On Mother’s Day in 2012, after six and half years of marriage, Beto and Lindsey found out they were expecting their first baby. 20 Weeks later they found out they were having a boy, and it was also the day they found out there might be a problem with Beckham’s heart. One month later Beckham was diagnosed with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), meaning only half of his heart developed. 

Photography by Fotocrew Members: Sara and Rocky Photography

“We met the Morenos in the summer of 2011 when Lindsey emailed us and asked us if we wanted to go have lunch with her and Beto. Naturally we hit it off, and little did we know that when we said yes, we would be starting such an amazing friendship and journey with them.


Over the course of the last 3 years we have seen them make the decision to re-brand their company and fight hard to create a business they believe in, we have walked with them through the devastating news of having a miscarriage and we have seen them fight relentlessly every day for their sweet Beckham.


When they found out the news of Beckham’s condition all we could imagine is how would we would have reacted, how would we would have dealt with it if it was us and how they would walk down that road. What would soon follow would not only be a testament to their love and faithfulness to Christ but to their unconditional love to their sweet baby boy. They are warriors.


Since the birth of little Becks, Lindsey and Beto have fought. They have fought for their son, for his life, for his heart, for his quality of life and they have fought to live day by day providing everything possible for Beckham. Many days it seems as though they have nothing left to give and yet they still hold on to the hope that Christ is sufficient, the Father is faithful and the Spirit will sustain them. We not only admire their courage but pray fervently to have the same fight they do. They are warriors.


One day in the hospital when we were visiting, we remember Lindsey saying that they were contemplating what do next because they always wanted to make sure that whatever decision they made, “They were doing things FOR Beckham and not just doing things TO Beckham.” That statement has stuck with us since. We feel like God approaches us the same way. He desires to do things for us; love us, provide for us, care of us and most of all, unconditionally fight for us. They are warriors.


The length of Beckham’s life is still unknown but one this is for sure. His Mom and Dad are fighting for him everyday. They wake up with a desire and passion to love him unconditionally, to serve him relentlessly and to continue to be an advocate for his life. They are warriors.


I plead with you now to join the fight. Be a warrior for Beckham.
Share his story.
Pray for a miracle.
Serve his family.
Give what you can.”
Written by Fotocrew Member Sara Garza

2 Responses

  1. LEMNAOUER - says:

    Absolutely amazing work here. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Amanda - says:

    Lovely work!
    How is little Beckham?

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On July 20th an event will be held in his name to help Lindsey and Beto provide the highest quality of life for Beckham. We are looking for volunteers, donations and attendees. Below are links to the BeatsForBeckham website, a page to purchase tickets to the event and a place to give and volunteer.

We are learning that everyday is a battle. Lindsey and Beto have taught us that everyday is worth the fight. They are warriors.


Purchase Tickets: