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Photographers & Filmmakers FAQ

What is Fotolanthropy?

Fotolanthropy is a Non-Profit organization that captures and shares inspiring true stories of people that have overcome adversity through photography and film.

What is a Fotocrew member?

A Fotocrew member is a coveted and exclusive title as it describes a compassionate photographer or filmmaker that has been selected to work on Fotolanthropy projects. Fotocrew members are professional artists who have giving hearts and want to use their camera for good.  They receive a badge for their website to promote this title they have received. They have the exclusive right to capture Fotolanthropy stories to be featured on the Fotolanthropy site.

How do I apply?

The application process is easy. First, make sure you meet the requirements and then apply by clicking “Join the Crew.”  Our Control Team will review your information and you will be notified by email of our decision and/or acceptance within 14 business days from receipt of a completed Fotocrew Application. If accepted you will become an official Fotocrew member and will be given the tools to create your own Fotolanthropy story.

What is expected of me as a photographer Fotocrew member?

  1. Donate a portrait session
  2. Give an unforgettable experience to the recipient
  3. Edit 25-40 Images within 4 weeks of portrait session
  4. Write a blog post of the story
  5. Pick a song from our sponsor The Music Bed for the slideshow
  6. Submit the above information to Fotolanthropy.  Fotolanthropy will put together the blog post, slideshow and deliver the images to the recipient

What is expected of me as a filmmaker Fotocrew member?

Create a short documentary film 4-10 minutes in length of a selected Fotolanthropy story

How many sessions I am expected to donate?

We ask our members to donate at least one Fotolanthropy session a year. However, becoming a Fotocrew member does not guarantee being matched with a Recipient, but simply makes you available as a willing volunteer in case a Recipient becomes available in your area.

Can I nominate an inspiring story?

Yes! We want our Fotocrew members to be passionate about the stories they work with.  If there is an inspiring story near you that you would like to capture, please nominate the story on our website.  We will review the story and let you know if it is approved to become an official Fotolanthropy Story.

Can I sell prints to the recipient?

Yes, if your recipient would like to purchase prints you are welcome to sell them.

Why is there annual donation?

There is a $35 suggested annual donation. This donation directly helps fund the general administrative and marketing costs of building and running (i) an international-wide network of Fotocrew members and (ii) screening, selecting and matching selected Recipients with Fotocrew members (iii) help to fund the deliverables to the Recipient.

Are there any perks?

Besides the rewarding feeling you will receive after using your camera for good, here are a few awesome perks for Fotocrew Members!

  • 40% off any Fotostrap. Fotostrap is a vintage inspired camera strap made with genuine leather paired with eco friendly duck fabric.  You can even customize the ergonomic shoulder pad with your business logo!
  • Invitation to the secret Facebook Fotocrew Page to connect with other Fotocrew members across the country
  • Build a charitable reputation in your community
  • Receive a Fotolanthropy Fotocrew badge that may be posted on your website, blog and marketing materials